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Concave and convex mirrors

concave and convex mirrors

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How to play

This Physics learning game is a fun way to learn about concave and convex mirrors. Learn the ray diagrams in case of various object positions through simulations. In this game you can learn about ray diagrams and image formation in concave and convex mirrors.

Simulation of concave and convex mirrors

Just click on the various object positions and see the animated ray diagram for image formation in case of concave and in case of convex mirrors. See the formation of real and virtual images. Learn the mirror equation and it’s use for calculating the image position in both concave and convex mirrors.

Game with concave and convex mirror

Play the game to identify object position for getting an image at a given screen position or igniting a matchstick or for getting a virtual image.

Use the mirror equation to calculate image position or focal length of the mirror. Answer multiple choice questions and numericals.

Understand the magnification formula for finding out if the image is enlarged or diminished.
Then play the game to find out the source position for getting an image at a particular position.
Solve numerical questions using the mirror equation to find out image position and magnification.
There is no time limit for the levels so you can learn at your own pace.

This physics learning game is ideal for middle and high school students to learn the principles of geometric optics in spherical mirrors.