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Atomic structure game

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How to play

This chemistry game is a fun way for middle school students to play and learn about the structure of atoms and get introduced to the periodic table of elements.
In this game which is a simple platformer, you have to cross multiple levels riding on atomic orbits. During your progress you have to answer quiz questions on structure of the atom ( Bohr’s model), various sub atomic particles, mainly neutrons, protons and electrons, atomic number, mass number, isotopes, anions, cations and other properties.
If you collide with an electron you have to answer a quiz question in order to continue. The questions are on atom structure with focus on

  • subatomic particles
  • electron orbits
  • mass number and atomic number
  • valency
  • formation of isotopes, cations, anions

In another level you have to answer questions on the periodic table and create the first 20 elements of the periodic table. Observe the electronic configuration of each atom being created. Answer questions on

  • arrangement of elements in the periodic table
  • common properties of elements in a group and period
  • name, atomic number and symbol of the first 20 elements of periodic table
  • ionization energy
  • electronegativity
  • electron affinity

Play all levels and become an expert on structure of atoms and first twenty elements of the periodic table.
There is no time limit for the levels so you can learn at your own pace.