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reflection of light game

Reflection of Light

Level 1 – Use arrow keys to move mirror. Reflect the light ray and prevent the balloons from bursting. Level 2 – Use arrow keys to rotate the mirror and kill enemies with light beam. Level 3 – move mirror to light up colored tubes and more

refraction of light game

Refraction of Light

Use the theory of light refraction to kill enemies. Change refractive index of material to bend the light beam at enemy and kill. Change slab thickness and refractive index of slab to bend the light and kill enemies. In the last level answer multiple choice questions on refraction of light.

reflection and refraction of light game
concave and convex mirrors game

Concave and convex mirrors

Play and understand ray diagrams in concave and convex mirrors. See the formation of real and virtual images. Learn the mirror equation and it’s use for calculating the image position in both concave and convex mirrors. Understand the magnification formula for finding out if the image is enlarged or diminished.

concave and convex lenses game

Concave and convex lenses

Play to understand the theory and working of concave and convex lenses. Learn the formation of images based on object position, lens formula and its use in solving numerical problems. Observe the use of concave and convex lenses as corrective lenses in eye defects.

Concave and convex lenses game
quantities and measurements game

Physical Quantities and Measurements

Play this simple Physics game and answer questions on physical quantities like; area, volume, density and their measurements with numerical problems.

sound energy game

Sound energy

A fun Platformer game, where you play musical instruments in the Temple of Sounds and answer questions on theory of Sound energy. Use arrow keys to walk and jump.

electricity and magnetism game

Electricity and magnetism

Repel the tiny magnets by switching your magnetic pole. Collect coins in an electromagnet by closing the circuit. Light up lamps in series and parallel. Kill the clouds before they cast a shadow on the solar panel.

motion game


Race your car….avoid getting hit by coconuts! Answer questions and clear the various hurdles. Ride a monster truck through the jungle. Enter the answer to numerical question if stopped by a jungle animal.

Heat energy game

Heat energy

Fly a hot air balloon and dodge the obstacles on the way. Answer a question if you hit an obstacle. Solve numerical questions and create a rainbow.

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