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Free online Science games
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balancing chemical equations
quantities and measurements game
circulatory system game
Periodic table sort
refraction of light game
digestive system game
Nomenclature of organic compounds
concave and convex mirrors game
nervous system game
Atomic structure game
reflection of light game
excretory system game
ions and ionic compounds game
sound energy game
animal tissues game
metals and non metals game
electricity and magnetism game
plant tissues game
states of matter game
motion game
animal kingdom classification game
separation of mixtures techniques
Heat energy game
kingdom classification game
separation of mixtures examples
concave and convex lenses game
photosynthesis and respiration game
Acids Bases and Salts

Here’s a video of some of our games

Free and fun online science games for middle and high school students

Science games are a fun way for learning science topics which are sometimes difficult to understand. Science games are highly effective in increasing student engagement and interaction with topics which a student may find otherwise dull and uninteresting. With the help of in game simulations and visuals even abstract topics become simple to understand through science games.

SciChamp has science learning games that bring fun and adventure into your studies. Our free online science games are designed so that important learning concepts are part of the game play. In addition many games have multiple choice questions to be answered during the game. This helps you prepare for your exams in a tension free and playful atmosphere.
SciChamp has some fun games for you to teach basic concepts in Chemistry, Physics and Biology suitable for Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9 and Grade 10 students.
Check out our free online science games given below-

Enjoy interactive chemistry games online like Atomic structure, Balancing equations, Ionic compounds, States of matter, Separating mixtures, Metals and non metals and Periodic table sort.
The game on balancing chemical equations guides the student through animation through the steps involved in the process. Games on atomic structure and states of matter are simple platformer games which contain the concepts from the topic in the game play. The game on separation of mixtures illustrates the separation techniques through animations. The game on metals, non metals and metalloids is a like a gold miner game.

Play online physics learning games on topics like Reflection, Refraction, Concave and convex mirrors, Electricity and magnetism, Motion, Heat Quantities and measurements, Sound.
The games on reflection, refraction, concave and convex mirrors have ray diagram simulations to promote inquiry and understanding of these topics. The game on electricity and magnetism facilitates the student to apply their learning to different applications. The games on motion, heat and sound contain quizzes on these topics and helps students learn at their own pace.

Fun biology online games for middle and high school on topics like Photosynthesis and plant respiration, Plant tissues, Animal tissues, Excretory system, Nervous system, Five Kingdom classification.
The game on animal kingdom classification is a fun platformer and in each level you have to identify the correct organism based on the phylum it belongs to. The games on photosynthesis, animal and plant tissues contain quizzes on these topics to help students learn and attain high scores. The games on excretory and nervous system enhances learning of the parts and functions of these systems.