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Play Ions and Ionic Compounds

ions and ionic compounds game

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How to play

This chemistry game is a fun way for middle and high school students to learn about the atomic structure of ions.
The game also demonstrates how ionic compounds are formed by combination of cations and anions so that electrical neutrality is maintained.
In the first level of the game you will understand how atoms form ions in order to attain the stable octet configuration of the nearest noble gas. You will be able to convert an atom to an anion by adding electrons or to a cation by removing electrons. (Note that having either 2 or 8 electrons in the outermost orbit results in a stable and complete outer shell configuration). Play the game with the first 20 elements of the periodic table.
In the second level you solve a small ion cancelling puzzle and then make ionic compounds by combining the correct cations and anions. The total number of positive charges and the total number of negative charges have to be equal in the ionic compound. By playing this level you will understand the naming of ionic compounds and their ionic formulas.
There is no time limit for the levels so you can learn at your own pace.