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Circulatory System- Question bank

Heart cross section with labels

heart with labels

Multiple choice questions in the game

  • The two separate loops in human circulatory system are – one for the _______ and other for the ______ .

Answer: lungs, organs

  • Blood is pumped to lungs as well as to different parts of the body simultaneously during the:

Answer: contraction of ventricles

  • Systolic pressure is measured during the:

Answer: contraction of ventricles

  • Diastolic pressure is measured during the:

Answer: relaxation of ventricles

  • Contraction of the right ventricle pumps blood into the:

Answer: Pulmonary artery

  • In a closed circulatory system the blood is completely enclosed within:

Answer: Vessels

  • Oxygenated blood is carried by:

Answer: Pulmonary vein

  • In oxygenated blood one molecule of haemoglobin carries how many molecules of oxygen?

Answer: 4

  • An artery is a vessel that carries blood with:

Answer: high concentration of oxygen

  • Oxygen is required by the body to:

Answer: produce ATP

  • The only artery which carries deoxygenated blood is supplied by blood pumped from?

Answer: right ventricle

  • Contraction of left ventricle pumps blood into:

Answer: Dorsal aorta

  • The blood coming from the lungs passes into:

Answer: Left auricle

  • The membrane enclosing the heart is:

Answer: Pericardium

  • The valve present between the left auricle and ventricle is:

Answer: Bicuspid

  • Tricuspid valve is present between:

Answer:  right auricle and right ventricle

  • Capillaries join to form

Answer: Venules

  • Which side of the heart contains oxygenated blood?

Answer: left side

  • Blood flows at high speed and high pressure in:

Answer: Arteries

  • Deoxygenated blood is usually carried by?

Answer: Veins

  • These blood vessels are deep seated:

Answer: Arteries

  • Deoxygenated blood reaches the heart from the

Answer: Vena cava

  • The main artery which carries oxygenated blood from heart to the various organs of the body is:

Answer: Aorta

  • Which chamber of the heart receives deoxygenated blood from different parts of the body?

Answer: Right auricle

  • Maximum oxygen is carried by:

Answer: Pulmonary vein

  • Which valve prevents the blood from flowing back into left atrium?

Answer: Mitral valve

  • Which chamber of the heart pumps blood to the lungs?

Answer: Right ventricle

  • The “Lub” sound in your heartbeat is caused by closure of which valves?

Answer: tricuspid and bicuspid

  • The Dub” sound in your heartbeat is caused by closure of which valves?

Answer: pulmonary and aortic

  • The “Lub” sound in your heartbeat is caused by closure of which valves?

Answer: atrioventricular valves

  • The Dub” sound in your heartbeat is caused by closure of which valves?

Answer: semilunar valves

  • The atria contract and force the blood into the:

Answer: ventricles

  • The _________ contract to force the blood out of the heart

Answer: ventricles

  • The _______ in the heart ensure that the blood flows in the correct direction

Answer: valves

  • Blood flows from the heart to the organs through the ______ and returns through the ______.

Answer: arteries, veins

  • Blood flows back to the heart through the:

Answer: vena cava

  • The _____ carries blood away from the heart to the various parts of the body

Answer: aorta

  • If an artery become narrow then _______ is used to keep it open

Answer:  stent

  • In the organs the blood flows through narrow thin walled vessels known as:

Answer: capillaries

  • Arteries carry blood under

Answer: high pressure

  • Veins carry blood under

Answer: low pressure

  • Blood vessels which have single cell permeable walls are:

Answer: capillaries

  • Blood vessels which have thick muscular and elastic walls are:

Answer: arteries

  • Blood vessels which have valves to prevent back flow of blood are:

Answer: veins

  • Human circulatory system is a _______ circulatory system

Answer: double

  • The right and left ______ receive blood from the veins

Answer: atria

  • The right and left ______ pump blood into the arteries

Answer: ventricles

  • The process that takes place in the lungs is:

Answer: gas exchange

  • The ______ pumps blood into the lungs

Answer: right ventricle

  • The ______ pumps blood to the rest of the body

Answer: left ventricle

  • The heart gets its blood supply through the

Answer: coronary arteries

  • The natural resting heart rate is controlled by a group of cells present in the

Answer: right atrium

  • Arteries carry blood:

Answer: away from the heart

  • Veins carry blood:

Answer: to the heart

  • Exchange of nutrients and oxygen with the tissues takes place in

Answer: capillaries