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Electricity and Magnetism – Question Bank


  • The phenomenon related to attractive and directive properties is:

Answer :  Magnetism

  • Attraction is the surest test of magnetism:

Answer :  False

  • Like poles of a magnet repel each other:

Answer :  True

  • Materials which are attracted by magnets are:

Answer :  Ferromagnetic

  • Which is not a ferromagnetic material:

Answer :  Glass

  • Which is a ferromagnetic material:

Answer :  Cobalt

  • Properties of a magnet are:

Answer :  attractive and directive;

  • In a magnet, the attraction is strongest

Answer :  at poles

  • Freely suspended magnet points in ____ direction

Answer :  north-south

  • Iron loses its magnetism easily.

Answer :  True

  • Steel is a hard magnetic material.

Answer :  True


  • Solenoid with soft iron core is:

Answer :  electro magnet

  • A coil wound over soft iron piece is:

Answer :  Solenoid

  • An electro magnet is:

Answer :  temporary magnet

  • When current through coil stops flowing, the coil remains an electromagnet.

Answer :  False

  • Steel is used to make permanent magnet.

Answer :  True

  • The magnetic field around a current carrying coil

Answer :  Lasts as long as current flows

  • Strength of magnetic field in solenoid can be increased by:

Answer :  increasing the number of turns

  • Which is not a use of electromagnet

Answer :  study mechanical properties of magnets

  • Which are uses of electromagnet:

Answer :  lifting and transporting large weights and removing pieces of iron from wounds

  • Strength of an electromagnet can be determined using:

Answer :  magnetic compass


  • A device that works on the basis of magnetic effects of current:

Answer :  electric bell

  • In an electric bell:

Answer :  electrical energy is converted to sound energy

  • Electric bell is application of:

Answer :  electromagnet and magnetic effect of current

  • Which is incorrect for working of electric bell?

Answer :  the bell rings when switch is not pressed

  • Which is correct for working of electric bell?

Answer :   process of make and break of circuit goes on and  hammer strikes the gong repeatedly

  • In electric bell, when electromagnet is demagnetised, the hammer strikes the gong:

Answer :  False

  • On magnetisation of electromagnet the hammer of electric bell strikes gong.

Answer :  True

  • Magnet used in electric bell is:

Answer :  horse shoe electromagnet


  • Switch is always connected to live wire.

Answer :  True

  • When there is a break in path of current, circuit is called:

Answer :  open circuit

  • In series circuit, each device is connected in such a manner that there is only one path for current:

Answer :  True

  • Which is incorrect for series circuit:

Answer :  circuit has two or more paths

  • Which is correct for series circuit:

Answer :  voltage is same across each component and a break in circuit stops all current

  • Series circuit has only one path for electrons to flow

Answer :  True

  • Formula of Total Series Resistance is ___

Answer :  RT = R1 + R2 + R3

  • Total resistance of R1=20 ohm, R2=57 ohm and R3=90 ohm in series is:

Answer :  167 ohm

  • Total resistance of R1=200 ohm, R2=40 ohm and R3=60 ohm in series is:

Answer :   300 ohm

  • Total power in series circuit is ___ of  individual powers.

Answer :  Sum

  • Batteries are generally connected in:

Answer :  Series

  • In series circuit if one bulb goes out, others will:

Answer :  also turn off

  • Addition of resistances in series circuit increases net resistance.

Answer :  True


  • In a parallel circuit, there are two or more paths for current to flow.

Answer :  True

  • Which is correct for parallel circuit:

Answer :  Voltage is same across each component of circuit and a break in branch stops current in the branch

  • Which is incorrect for parallel circuit:

Answer :  there is only one path for current

  • Total Resistance when, 470 Ω, 220 Ω, and 100 Ω are all in parallel.

Answer :  60 Ω

  • Sudden increase in total current in a parallel circuit may indicate

Answer :  increase in source voltage

  • Five 100 Ω resistors are connected in parallel. If one resistor is removed, total resistance is:

Answer :  25 Ω

  • It is preferable to connect bulbs in:

Answer :  Parallel

  • In ____ connection total resistance is smaller than the smallest resistance.

Answer :  Parallel

  • Total resistance in parallel circuit is:

Answer :  1/Rt = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 +…

  • In parallel circuit branch with lowest resistance has maximum current.

Answer :  True

  • Current in each path of parallel circuit is always same.

Answer :  False

  • Voltage in each path of parallel circuit is always same.

Answer :  True

  • Addition of resistances in a parallel circuit increases net resistance.

Answer :  False

  • In ___ Circuit, current is same in all parts.

Answer :  Series

  • Total resistance of circuit is equal to sum of individual resistances in-

Answer :  Series Circuit

  • In ____ connection total resistance is larger than the largest resistance.

Answer :  Series


  • Which is electricity effect:

Answer :  Heating effect and Magnetic effect

  • Electric appliances where heating effect of electric current is not used:

Answer :  Fan

  • Copper and aluminium wires are usually employed for electricity transmission because

Answer :  they have low resistance and they are strong

  • Full form of CFL:

Answer :  Compact Fluorescent Lamp

  • Full form of LED:

Answer :  Light Emitting Diode

  • Devices which deliver electricity are called:

Answer :  Source

  • Devices which consume electricity are called

Answer :  Load

  • Electric generator converts:

Answer :  mechanical energy to electrical energy

  • Solar cell converts:

Answer :  solar energy to electrical energy

  • Combination of solar cells forms:

Answer :  solar panel

  • Solar cells are used by satellites in space for generation of electricity

Answer :  True

  • Tungsten is used for filament of electric lamp because of

Answer :  high melting point and high resistance

  • Filament of electric bulb is made of:

Answer :  Tungsten

  • Electric current is flow of ____:

Answer :  Electrons

  • All wires in electric circuit should be covered with:

Answer :  Insulators

  • The bodies which allow current to pass through them are:

Answer :  Conductors

  • The main component of electric circuit:

Answer :  electric cell

  • Pure water is good conductor of electricity:

Answer :  False

  • When circuit is closed electric current does not flow:

Answer :  False

  • Our body is _____ of electricity:

Answer :  Conductor

  • Electric fuse is used to protect household electric appliances from accidental

Answer :  Large flow of current

  • Unit of electrical resistance

Answer :  Ohm

  • Device use to make or break circuit:

Answer :  Switch

  • Path along which electric current flows is called ______.

Answer :  Circuit

  • Current does not flow in ____ circuit.

Answer :  Open

  • In a cell, electrons flow from ___ terminal to ___ terminal.

Answer :   negative to positive

  • Electric cell produces electricity from _____ stored in it.

Answer :  chemicals stored in it

  • A combination of two or more cells is called.

Answer :  Battery

  • In a dry cell:

Answer :  chemical energy changes to electric energy

  • Primary cells are used in:

Answer :  Torches

  • Secondary cells are used in:

Answer :  mobile phones

  • Dry cell can be reused

Answer :  False

  • Secondary cell are rechargeable.

Answer :  True