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Heat Energy – Question Bank

This question bank on Heat energy will help you get a top score in the game

  • Fixed upper point and lower point in Celsius scale is:

Answer: 100 to 0 0C

  • Fixed upper point and lower point in Kelvin scale is:

Answer: 373 to 273 K

  • Fixed upper point and lower point in Fahrenheit scale is:

Answer: 212 to 320 F

  • Water turns to ice at:

Answer : 320F

  • Car radiators are painted black because they are:

Answer: good absorbers of heat

  • Which two liquids are used in the construction of thermometers?

Answer: mercury and alcohol

  • Normal temperature human body in Fahrenheit is

Answer: 98 F

  • Ice floats on water because:

Answer: it is lighter than water

  • Cooking pots have wooden handles because:

Answer: wood is a poor conductor of heat

  • Heat loss due to conduction, convection and radiation is minimized in

Answer: thermos flask

  • Cooking vessels are made of metals because metals are:

Answer: good conductors

  • Heat is a form of:

Answer: energy

  • Thermometer should not be kept in sun because:

Answer: it can break

  • The form of energy that produces a feeling of hotness is called as:

Answer: Heat

  • Temperature at which liquid changes into vapour is called ______.

Answer: Boiling point

  • Normal human body temperature is ____.

Answer: 37 0C

  • Solids are not heated by convection because:

Answer: molecules are not free to move and the molecules only vibrate about fixed position.

  • During day a current of air blows from sea to land is called as:

Answer: Sea Breeze

  • Sea breeze blows during:

Answer: day

  • In clinical thermometer, mercury does not contract immediately as:

Answer: Capillary tube has a small constriction near the bulb

  • Stainless steel pans are usually provided with copper bottoms as:

Answer: copper is a better conductor of heat than stainless steel

  • In the process of convection, heat travels:

Answer: upwards

  • Gaps are left between successive rails in a rail track:

Answer: to keep gap for expansion

  • An application of the Principle of thermal expansion of liquids is:

Answer: thermometer

  • Land breeze blows in coastal region during:

Answer: night

  • If milk in a cup at 40 deg.C, find its value in deg.F.

Answer: 104 deg. F

  • Convert 65 deg. F to degrees C.

Answer: 18 0C

  • Temperature at which Fahrenheit scale reading is double of Celsius scale is:

Answer: 320 F

  • Temperature at which readings on Kelvin and Fahrenheit scale are same is

Answer: 574

  • Convert 50 degrees C to K.

Answer: 323

  • Temperature of a pan is 100 degrees C, its temperature in K is:

Answer: 373 K

  • 5 cal is ____ joule

Answer: 20.92

  • Which is lowest temperature?


  • Temperature difference of 1 F is equivalent to temperature difference of ___°C.


  • 100°C is about ____ F.

Answer: 212

  • If temperature of bathing water is 115 deg.F, what is it in 0C?

Answer:46 0C