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Metals and non metals – Question Bank

Learn to differentiate between Metals and non metals

Distinguish between metals, non-metals and metalloids

  • These are conductors:

Answer : Metals

  • These are semi-conductors:

Answer : Metalloids

  • These are insulators:

Answer : Non metals

  • These usually have lustre but are non-malleable:

Answer : Metalloids

  • Ductility and malleability is a property of ?

Answer : Metals

  • These are brittle solids or gases:

Answer : Non metals

  • These have sonorous property.

Answer : Metals

  • These are good conductors of heat.

Answer : Metals

Answer the following-

  • Metal that is most malleable

Answer: Gold

  • Metal that is brittle

Answer: Zinc

  • Metal as precious as gold

Answer: platinum

  • Metal used for making aircraft body

Answer: Aluminium

  • Metal used in making electric cables

Answer: Copper

  • Metal that is best conductor of electricity

Answer: Silver

  • Metal which burns with dazzling light

Answer: Magnesium

  • Metal used for making pipes and railings

Answer: Iron

  • Metal used in electric bulbs

Answer: Tungsten

  • Metal which is stored under kerosene

Answer: Sodium

  • Metal with melting point less than 50°C is

Answer: Gallium

  • Metal which makes bones and teeth

Answer: Calcium

  • Metal needed to boost the immune system

Answer: Zinc

  • Metal used as a shield for protection from x-rays

Answer: Lead

  • Non metal that is good conductor of heat and electricity

Answer: Graphite

  • Non metal used as a liquid fuel

Answer: Hydrogen

  • Non metal used to kill germs in water

Answer: Chlorine

  • Lustrous non metal:

Answer: Iodine

  • Non metal used for filling into electric bulbs

Answer: Argon

  • Non metal used for cancer therapy

Answer: Radon

  • Metal used to coat iron and prevent rusting of iron

Answer: Zinc

  • An alloy of copper and tin

Answer: Bronze

  • An alloy of copper and zinc

Answer: Brass

  • Metalloid used in manufacture of microchips used in computer is

Answer: Silicon

  • Metalloid used to make insecticide

Answer: Boron

  • Metalloid that is alloyed with lead to use in car batteries

Answer: Antimony

  • Non metal found in hot springs and volcanic regions

Answer: Sulphur

  • Hardest naturally occurring non metal

Answer: Diamond

  • Non metal liquid at room temperature

Answer: Bromine