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Motion – Question Bank

Questions on Motion – types, units and numerical problems

  • A mango falling down from a tree is an example of ____ motion.

Answer: rectilinear

  • A car moving on a straight road is an example of ____ motion

Answer: rectilinear

  • The kind of motion that a pendulum has is:

Answer: oscillatory

  • ____ is an example of curvilinear motion.

Answer: Throwing of javelin

  • A snowball  rolling down a hill is:

Answer: uniform motion

  • A woman walking in a crowded mall is:

Answer: non uniform motion

  • The motion of a girl on a swing is:

Answer: oscillatory motion

  • An example of multiple motion is:

Answer: bicycle

  • Which is not an example of multiple motion:

Answer: clock

  • Motion of flying birds is ____ motion.

Answer: random

  • Spinning top is an example of:

Answer: rotatory motion

  • SI unit of distance is:

Answer: meter

  • Distance is a:

Answer: scaler quantity

  • Displacement is:

Answer: vector quantity

  • The rate of change of distance is called:

Answer: speed

  • The ____ of a body changes from place to place:

Answer: weight

  • SI unit of weight is___.

Answer: Newton

  • SI unit of mass is ____.

Answer: Kilogram

  • Example of oscillatory motion is:

Answer: pendulum of clock

  • Example of rotatory motion:

Answer: spinning top

  • Example of random motion:

Answer: moving ant

  • Example of curvilinear motion:

Answer: athletes on racing track

  • Example of rectilinear motion:

Answer: a car on straight road

  • Example of vibratory motion:

Answer: plucked strings of guitar

  • Example of periodic motion:

Answer: bouncing ball

  • Motion of object in straight line:

Answer: rectilinear motion

  • Motion of earth around sun is:

Answer:  rotatory motion

  • Sewing machine executes multiple motion.

Answer: true

  • Weight of a body remains constant everywhere.

Answer: False

  • The weight of a body can be zero.

Answer: True

  • Rest and motion are relative.

Answer: True

  • Velocity can be either positive or negative.

Answer: True

  • Which of the following is not a translatory motion.

Answer: rotatory motion

  • Speed is always positive.

Answer: True

  • The meter used to measure distance covered by moving vehicles.

Answer: odometer

  • The meter used to measure speed of moving vehicles is called _____.

Answer: speedometer

  • Scaler quantity:

Answer: has only magnitude

  • Vector quantity

Answer: has magnitude and direction

  • An object traveling in straight changes its speed then motion is:

Answer: non uniform

  • The motion which repeats itself at regular interval is not:

Answer: rectilinear motion

  • A and B travel unequal distances to reach school at the same time.

Answer: their speeds are unequal

  • Speed is distance covered by object in____.

Answer: unit time

  • Motion of objects in the pictorial form is shown by their ___.

Answer: distance-time graph

  • Distance-time graph for motion of object moving with constant speed is:

Answer: straight line

  • Faster vehicle has a higher speed.

Answer: True

  • Periodic events are used for the measurement of time.

Answer: True

  • Ball hit for a sixer in cricket is:

Answer: curvilinear motion

  • The displacement of stone upwards, which comes back to ground is:

Answer: 0 m

  • Displacement of satellite after one complete revolution is:

Answer: 0 m

  • 1 Km is:

Answer: 1000m

  • 3.6 Km/h=

Answer: 1 m/s

  • 36 km/h=

Answer: 10 m/s

  • Calculate John’s speed if he covers 50 m in 10s.

Answer: 5m/s

  • Speed of athlete who covers 10 m in 10 s is:

Answer:  1 m/s

  • What is speed of bullock cart that covers 30 km in 10 hours?

Answer: 3 km/hr

  • The speed of bus travelling 54 km in 90 min is:

Answer: 10 m/s

  • What is speed in km/s, of a spaceship travelling 36000 km in one hour?

Answer: 10 km/s

  • Velocity of train moving with speed of 54 km/hr in m/s is:

Answer: 15 m/s

  • Value of 72 Km/h=

Answer:  20 m/s

  • What is distance covered by train moving at 80 km/hr in 2 hours?

Answer: 160 km

  • How far would snowmobile travel in 0.5 h at 25 km/h?

Answer: 12.5 km

  • Distance travelled by a car in 20 seconds when it is traveling at 10 m/s is

Answer: 200 m

  • Distance travelled by a jeep at 10 m/s in 90 min is

Answer: 54 Km

  • Distance travelled by car travelling at 80 km/hr for 15 min and then 60 km/hr for another 15 min is

Answer: 35 km

  • Distance covered by car travelling at 40 km/hr for 15 min and then 60 km/hr for another 15 min is ____.

Answer: 25 km

  • Find the distance to school if Anita walking at 2 m/s reaches school in 15 min.

Answer: 1.8 km

  • Distance covered by Sam in 15 min at 4.8 km/hr is ___. 

Answer: 1.2 km

  • Distance covered by Anita in 2 min at 2 m/s is

Answer:  240 m

  • If speed of a car is 60 km/hr, find time taken to cover 150 km

Answer: 2.5 hrs

  • 19.8 km/hr is:

Answer: 5.5 m/s

  • Time taken by a runner to cover 260 m at 4 m/s is:

Answer: 65 s

  • Number of seconds in an hour is:

Answer: 3600 s

  • How long will a train take to cover 240 km at 60km/hr?

Answer: 4 hours

  • Time take by a car to travel 180 km at 60 km/h is:

Answer: 180 min

  • Time taken by boy to cover 20 km at 10 km/hr is:

Answer: 7200s

  • Time taken by John to cover 1.2 km at 2m/s is:

Answer: 10 min

  • How long will a cyclist take to cover 3 km at 600 m/min

Answer: 300 sec