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Periodic table sort

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How to play

In this periodic table game the game play is similar to the popular Ball Sort game but instead of sorting balls based on color you have to sort the elements based on the Group of periodic table that they belong to. For example, all elements of Group 1, i.e. H, Li, Na, K, Rb have to be sorted into one test tube and all elements of Group 2, i.e. Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba have to be sorted in the other test tube.
To play the periodic table game, click on a tube to select the uppermost element and transfer to a tube containing elements from the same group, then click on the tube into which you wish to transfer the element. 10 points will be added to your score for correct sorting of each group of elements. Your score will be deducted if an element is placed into an incorrect group of elements. Master the Periodic table by playing all 100 levels of this periodic table quiz.