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Physical quantities and measurements game

Physics learning game on physical quantities and measurements

quantities and measurements game

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How to play

Just click to break the glass block and help penguin to reach the fish. Answer multiple choice questions on area, volume and density and their units and conversions as you play.

About the game

Physical quantities are the quantities associated with an object which are inherent to it. These quantities can be measured directly, when they are called as fundamental quantities. Sometimes these quantities are calculated from other measurements. Then they are called as derived quantities.

Units are standards for expressing and comparing the measurement of physical quantities. All units can be expressed as fundamental units or as combinations of the fundamental units.

In order to avoid confusion and be able to measure the fundamental quantities uniformly, irrespective of the place, race country or continents, standard units were assigned, which are uniformly followed all over the world.

In physics, there are seven fundamental physical quantities. These are measured in fundamental units. The quantities are: length, mass, time, electric current, temperature, amount of substance, and luminous intensity. The units of all other quantities are derived from these fundamental units. For example: Volume, which is cube of length; velocity, which is the ratio of distance to time; density which is the ratio of mass to volume, etc.