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Play Separation of Mixtures

separation of mixtures techniques

How to play

Separation of mixtures game

Observe how chemical mixtures can be separated using techniques like distillation, filtration, sublimation, chromatography and separating funnel. Answer questions on these separation methods.

In this chemistry game you can learn how mixtures can be separated.Watch the animation to see –

a) how distillation separates mixtures of two miscible liquids or separate solute from the solvent in which it has been dissolved.
b) how filtration separates a heterogeneous mixture of solid and liquid
c) how sublimation can be used to separate a mixture of two solids out of which one has the property of sublimation
d) how chromatography can be used to separate a mixture of dyes or red and blue ink based on the principle of different rate of adsorption
e) how a separating funnel can be used to separate a heterogeneous mixture of two liquids.
f) how fractional distillation can be used to separate two miscible liquids that have boiling points with difference of less than 25K.