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Play Balancing Equations Game

balancing chemical equations

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How to play

In this chemistry game, you will learn the steps involved in balancing chemical equations.
Step 1
Note the type of elements on reactant and product side of the equation
Step 2
Click on any element atom to animate it and count the number of atoms on reactant and product side.
Step 3
Click in front of a reactant or product molecule to increase the coefficient such that there are equal number of element atoms on reactant and product side.
Step 4
Repeat this procedure for each type of element in the equation

After you have learnt the steps involved you can play three practice level rounds. In these practice rounds you can animate each atom in order to easily count the numbers on each side of the equation.

After mastering the practice rounds you can play three test level rounds and aim for perfect score of 100 in each round.
Play and Learn chemistry the fun way!

This chemistry game is ideal for high school students who are learning to balance chemical equations.

More than 150 chemical equations for practice.

There is no time limit for the levels so you can learn at your own pace.