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Electricity and Magnetism game – The challenge

electricity and magnetism game

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How to play

This game is ideal for middle and high school students to get interested in the topics of electricity and magnetism.
Answer questions on magnetism and properties of magnets as you play the game. Click/Tap to toggle the north and south poles of magnet and prevent tiny magnets attacking you.
Use arrow keys to move left right and close circuit of electromagnet and collect coins.
Answer questions on properties of electromagnets and applications of electromagnets.
Observe the working of electric bell which is an application of electromagnetism.
Series and parallel circuits
Answer questions on characteristics of series circuits as you light up lamps.

Observe the circuit diagram in case of parallel circuits and answer questions on its characteristics to light lamps.
Solve numerical questions on series and parallel circuits.
Answer questions on insulators, conductors, primary and secondary battery, solar cell and other terms used while killing clouds before they cast shadow on your solar panel…